PPL Training So Far

It was in the last week of June 2011 in which I began my training for my PPL at my local flying club in Newtownards. That's the Ulster Flying Club for anyone interested. It was a day I waited so long for, and when it finally came I was just speechless - The day that I would finally fly an airplane, I mean, who wouldn't be speechless, I still remember the tiny details of that flight to this day and nearly a year after, I'm just under 10 hours of my way through my PPL.

So many opportunities have arisen for me since I begun my training including becoming a member of the 'RAF Air Training Corps' where I've been taken to Liverpool for a day to fly with them, and a possible trip to RAF Leuchers this July.

In terms of my actual training though, I've experienced so much from doing a low pass over Belfast City Center and a touch and go landing at Belfast City Airport to passing the cloud base. Training for me has been the most enthralling experience of my life, I've loved every single moment of it and haven't regretted any of it - I love flying! 

At the moment, I'm aiming to go solo on my 16th birthday in December along with doing a tandem skydive for Alzheimers UK, moving on from there, I don't plan on finishing my training on my 17th birthday, but I would love to have it completed and be a valid holder of a PPL by the age of 18.

So as you can see, I've a lot planned for the next few years of my life, here's hoping it all works out for me!

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