Sunday, 2 June 2013

Málaga Aviation Museum

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Sincere apologies for the lack on blog posts as of late - I've got some pretty important exams at this time and it's revision, all day... Everyday! But the good news is, they are nearly over, so stay tuned because there's a lot coming your way soon including: 

  • G8 Airport Spotting at Belfast International Airport [14th-19th June]
  • Lesson Number 11 and 12
  • Tecnam P2002JF at the Ulster Flying Club back in service 
  • Plus, lots more!
Anyway, today, I'm blogging about Málaga Aviation Museum - The 'Costa del Sol's' little-known jewel

Last year, during August, I jetted of to the southern coast of Spain for a two week holiday, where I knew the Málaga aviation museum lay, so I was excited at the whole prospect of everything that would happen in these two weeks.

Here is the in-flight video recorded when leaving Belfast International Airport (BFS) for Málaga Airport (AGP):

Followed by arrival into Málaga airport (AGP) from Belfast International Airport (BFS):

It was on the last day of my holiday that I visited the museum...

The National Museum of Airports and Air Transport next to Málaga's airport is a well-run and growing treat for the aviation enthusiast and tourist alike. It's situated inside a restored 1938 hacienda-style airport terminal, with its Air Traffic Control tower and surrounding buildings, instantly transporting visitors back in time to the glory days of civil aviation travel. 

To the rear of the site there is a bigger, modern building housing the smaller aircraft in the collection, as well as airport- and aircraft-related displays and equipment. 

Within the grounds there is a large number of retired airport vehicles and transport aircraft. The latter include a Douglas DC-3 (C-47B) in Iberia colours, a Beech 18 in Spantax livery, a suberb Convair CV-440 in the marking of Kar Air of Finland, a de Havilland DH104 Dove of Martin's Air Charter of Holland, and the front fuselage section of an Iberia DC-9-30.

Inside, the main, and more modern building there are also various other light aircraft as seen below:

There is a heavy emphasis on education, with visitors able to enjoy interactive displays, and other exhibits tailored to the younger and other student alike. School parties can be given a history lesson of not just the airport and aviation in Málaga, but about Spain as a whole. From dedicated aviation historians and enthusiasts to casual visitors - everyone will find there is
plenty of interest. The exhibits within the museum are well thought out with a large collection of model aircraft, memorabilia and uniforms, as well as displays of how aircraft work and how airports are run and constructed.

The museum has good view of the extensive general aviation ramp, taxiways and runway beyond. Remember when you have had enough of aviation, there is always sun, sea, sand and large local brewery that this area is known for!

So there ya have it... Next time you're anywhere near Málaga, you know where to go! 

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