Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lesson Number Five

This time around the weather was, well, okay, mostly cloudy, but not raining, so the weather itself, hadn't dampened my spirits (If you pardon the pun)

I arrived at the flying club at around 2:30PM for another afternoon flight. There was no holding about in the clubhouse, I just lifted my headset, spoke to 'Kiwi' about today's lesson, and headed out onto the apron and carried out the checklist. 

After engine start, to my amazement, 'Kiwi' handed the radios over to me, filled with nervousness but excitement I got straight on with it, okay, I gave the wrong QNH back to Newtownards radio, but come on, practice makes perfect, right? 

After a very short introduction to radios we lined up runway 22 and off we went. Headed over the peninsula at 2000ft and started a short recap to what was covered about turning last lesson, 'Kiwi' kept it sort, I had the skill to do it, so we moved on to 'steep turns' and, well, this was slightly more difficult, it was inevitable that this would take some time to master, but I gave it a shot, and managed well, quite amazing the amount of G-Force experienced, and the view from a different angle is spectacular. 

After spending a fair bit of time on steep turning and the rest of the topic of turning we moved on to slow flight, we done the majority of this en route back to Ards, we preformed slow flight both with and without flaps, which was also a pretty odd thing to experience, but after a few attempts at getting it right, I eventually had it, though, more practice will need to be done to just prefect it.

Before I knew it we were entering the circuit, again, I done some of the radio communications, and we were on base leg, soon on final approach, we set the aircraft up, put the flaps down fully, and glided in to Newtownards, back to realty. 

I had a lengthy de-brief with 'Kiwi' as there was a lot covered in the lesson, we done a few questions about steep turns and slow flight, then practised radios, he was booked for another flight, so of course I couldn't stay all day, a quick goodbye and off I went.