Friday, 19 April 2013

Motivation, Determination & Dedication

Flying has it's highs and lows (pardon the pun) as does everything. The feeling one can have when they fail at something is remarkable, even worse when it's something they try hard to succeed in.  Life isn't easy, and shouldn't be taken day-by-day... Flying is no different.

When I first decided that I want to become a pilot, I posted on an online forum, asking for people's opinions and advice on how to go about it. I revived some great advice, help and support which I still have to this day. Unfortunately, on other occasions with some other people I know, the results haven't been as good. Especially online... People try to bring you down, they don't see you succeeding, they don't want to offer you advice or help, perhaps they are jealous of how ambitious you are, sometimes on those forums, people post negative comments to you telling you to, "Forget about it, you've no chance!" I can tell you: this isn't true. 

'Anything is possible, no matter how hard it seems'

I most certainly do not come from a wealthy or upperclass family , I'm just a normal kid, from a normal family, with the right attitude about getting what I want. Flying is for everyone, and is available for anyone, you just to be 'motivated, dedicated and determined' if you want to be a success, it really is that simple, and that is what I've learnt from the many aviators that I've met from across the globe.

Life isn't just about sitting back, taking each day as it comes, life is all about making the most of it and looking back in years to come and thinking, 'Blimey, what a life I've had!'

"We all have those days, weeks, months where overload prevails. I love it when in the heat of the schedule, life gets easy" (Karlene Pettit) and don't we all... Just think for one minute, close your eyes, picture yourself living the live you've longed for, a great salary, family, nice house and a good car... I hate to break it to you, but this doesn't just happen, there's a reason for it happening ~ Passion.

Anything is possible, but only with the right attitude.

Often you hear about people bring pregnant at 16, thieving, stabbing people, addicted to drugs and alcohol... These are just some of the temptations that today has to offer, it's like a pitfall trap, you do it once, then you can't stop, these people have their whole life in front of them and with a few bad mistakes... This can all change. 

It's important to remember how easy it is to let your life go, but also important to make the most of it, don't be stupid, be smart:

Plan ahead, see your future, live your success.

Stay motivated to achieving your dreams, remain determined to do so, but also be dedicated, remember, it doesn't just happen that easy, like all good things it require works, hard work.

At 15, I am a trainee pilot hoping to make it to the top, a prominent blogger and am individual who aims to inspire.

Who are you?

Thanks for reading, lessons 9 and 10 will hopefully be added over the weekend so lookout for them.

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