Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lesson Number Four

Glorious - One word to describe the weather this time around. Not a cloud in sight.

Booked in for a morning flight this time, so it was up early, rise and shine to get ready for my flight along with a quick recap on what the last lesson covered and what I should expect to be covering this time. 

Upon arrival to the aerodrome my father and I were around 20 minutes early, so we were able to sit back for a bit and take in the strong scent of aviation fuel and listen the noise of propellers spinning at 1000 RPM on the apron, something that has always managed to excite me.

We then strolled into the reception, and spoke to Margret, the flying clubs longest serving member who didn't even need to tell me whether or not flying would be going ahead due to the fact that the weather was almost fairy-tale like.

I was flying with 'Kiwi' today who handed me a hit-set and told me to go and prepare G-UFCL. That's 'Golf-Uniform, Foxtrot, Charlie, Lima' for you who are familiar with the phonetic alphabet.

I ran through the (External Checklist) and just about finished when 'Kiwi' got the aircraft. We jumped in, again, ran trough the checklist, obviously the (Internal) Checklist this time around, closed the canopy and we got going!

Once we had reached our altitude, we got straight on with it... 

The medium-level turn is what we were focusing on today,
 but primarily the whole topic relating to turning. Today's lesson was really the introductory lesson to turning, and as there is a lot to it, we wanted to spend a good amount of time on the factors that matter in this topic.

Kiwi ran through a demonstration of the medium-level turn, and then I copied, simple really, this is really the easiest of the turning, and we had a few goes at it, just to prefect the method that is used when turning, we then touched briefly on turning whilst climbing, and turning while descending, we mainly done this on the way back 
to Ards especially when entering the circuit, which what we did, we had no aircraft in front so it was straight forward getting to the apron again after landing, we then ran through our checks again, and shut down the aircraft...