Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lesson Number Seven

A great day for flying, the sun was out and in full force. After recapping on what to expect today, I was ready and roaring to go.

As per usual, I did all the normal things that I usually do on the ground, and before I knew it, we were up and flying over the peninsula at 3200ft above the cloud layer, amazing... I was flying above the cloud layer, as thin as it was, I was flying above it! It felt great. 

We went through the majority of the recap list for this lesson with no problems so we begun a bit of stalling, we picked out small islands in the peninsula and pretended they had runways, so we stalled the aircraft, then recovered and ran through the normal procedure for landing, took off, then done the same but with a different island. It was great fun, and helped me fly the aircraft looking out of the aircraft rather than using the instruments.

We routed back to Ards, I handled communications again, but this time we joined via the overhead to see what the wind conditions were like at the airport, we then joined the normal circuit at the normal altitude and were next in line for runway 04, on finals, and touchdown, my instructed then tells me to take off and we will do another circuit, just to build on the experience, so I done so, and we came in to land on runway 04 again, this time we taxiied back to the apron and had a debrief in the cockpit. 

This lesson was invaluable to me, I learned a lot of new tips and techniques and got a real sense of flying the circuit. How exciting, once again, until next time...