Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lesson Number Six

Another afternoon flight today, last flight of 2012 actually, some cloud, but clear in most areas.

Different instructor today, primary reason for this is to experience different teaching methods of different people and to pick up more tips and techniques.

As always, I spoke to my instructor who briefed me on today's lesson, basically he wanted to just recap on some the first things I've learnt and then do a bit more on slow flight and possibly steep turns. 

So, got my headset, and headed out onto the apron, carried out my checklist, when it began to drizzle, so I took shelter under the wing of a gyro. My instructor shorted joined me and we got inside the Tecnam.

This time around, all the radio communications was me, including talking to Belfast Control, where many commercial flights would be in contact with,

We climbed straight out of Ards and requested 2500ft for cruising altitude, once we reached that altitude we begun recapping on the primary topics of flight, these included: Flying straight and level, climbing, descending, flying on to a different heading, you get the idea, primary reason of doing is just to reinforce all that I have learnt so far, and after we recapped we moved on to steep turning again, after a few goes, I had mastered it and confident in it now, we also touched on slow flight again on the way back to Ards, we really couldn't stay up there for much longer it was getting fairly dark, dark enough for the runway lights to be on, and soon we were taxiing to the apron were we were welcomed with one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen, just behind scrabo tower, absolutely amazing! 

Quick debrief and a list of things to revise for my next lesson for a full recap with one of the clubs CAA Examiners, until next time.