Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lesson Number One

It was approximately 11:30am - The weather was fair, a shower here and there, nothing extravagant though. I arrived at the flying club, not really sure what to expect, the simplicity of the club made the whole experience ten times better. 

My father headed straight for the cafe and grabbed a quick cup o' coffee while I got my self introduced to the main guys that I would come across over the next while - Not forgetting my kiwi instructor, hard to understand at first, but with time, it got easier!

Once introduced to my instructor, we headed out to the apron and on to the aircraft. Bigger than what I was expecting but then again, I'd only saw this aircraft once or twice and even so, she was flying at around 1000ft overhead!

Moving on, we got in to the compact cockpit, ran through the checklists and ran through the walk around that we just completed, then we contacted Newtownards radio with our callsign and requested the airfield information. - We were on our way, we quickly lined up with runway 22 and pushed throttle to full, upon reaching 65knts, I heard my instructor say, 'Rotate' which I knew meant, pull up for takeoff, so I did just that - A great feeling, and a few butterflies in the stomach

I'll not spend too much time talking about what we done up in the air, it was more of an introductory lesson that anything, so we focused on maintaining the yaw, roll and pitch along with checking out the great scenery out the window. After an hour, we were ready to come in for landing, 'Kiwi' managed the radios and I flew as much of the approach as I could, there was a crosswind so on this occasion, I left it to him to land the aircraft, nonetheless, it still felt great.

A moment, I'll never forget.